I have had almost all the symptoms on SLE since i was 17, from the butterfly rash to my body becoming severly septic and kidneys shutting down to most constant issue... PAIN. I have pain that is so suvere at times I becomes so aggravatied and overwhelmed I will pace, rock back and forth, be in such agony I willnot get out of bed but o relieve myself for days. The cold weather, air stiffings me up and sends dagers n to my body. My hands,wrists, elbows,shoulders, neck and upper back an long with my lower back that consists with dull ache pain that throbs constantly. my feet swell and are beet red with pain, my legs and my knees. it is hard for me to stand and walk with out forcing myself to scuffle and waddle to were my legs will feel normal. constant migraines, so severe that I faint or am down for a day or two. spells of shaking with my hands and head not able to control. I am constantly tired overly tired, getting upset takes my energy to a drastically low un functional level. what am I feeling is it common and what are the next steps I should take . I need to what are my options are?