Saturday evening, I was supposed to take my second to last "active" pill but lost it before I could. Therefore, I took the last "active" pill there was in the pack. On that very same night, I had sex with my boyfriend without an additional back-up contraception. If I started my placebos the next day (a day earlier than I am supposed to), is there a chance I could pregnant because I only took 20 (instead of 21) active/hormonal pills?

Since I started my birth control almost two months ago, I may have missed a pill, one or two times. Whenever I remembered, I took the pill I missed right away and took the next one when I was supposed to. I may have missed two pills consecutively ONCE, but did not have sex within that 7 days.

I've been careful. My period should be here but it isn't - it's a few days late. Should I be worried?

P.s. I'm taking microgestin fe 1/20