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Can Losartan be used in place of Lisiniprol?

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kaismama 23 Jan 2015

No. They are both blood pressure meds but are not in the same class of drugs and work differently. Besides you should take what your dr has prescribed.

shaynechafin 23 Jan 2015

That's what I thought... I knew they were in different drug families... I do not have a Dr or insurance. Thanks!

kaismama 23 Jan 2015

There is help for medical care and medications. You don't have insurance?

MDnurse 24 Jan 2015

Hi, new here but wanted to answer your question. No not technically is Lisinopril and Losartan the same. However each of the drugs works on the same system (the RASS system). They both block a part of this system just at a different point along the path. Usually prescribers will change a patient taking Lisinopril (ACE inhibitor) to something like Losartan which is a Angiotensin II receptor blocker because people taking Lisinopril often develop a frequent cough which is a normal side effect, just depends if you can tolerate it. Both drugs are very effective at controlling blood pressure and are actually the more recommended classes of drugs by the American Heart Association for long term treatment of hypertension to prevent complications to the heart and kidneys.

SO, the answer to your question is YES as long as it is directed by your prescriber as a change in your medication. If you are supposed to get Lisinopril and get Losartan from the pharmacy contact your prescriber.

My professional history is cardiac nursing, and critical care as a RN.

MDnurse 24 Jan 2015

Correction to my last post instead of RASS, It is RAAS. Sorry Typo.

kaismama 24 Jan 2015

And when you're around a while you'll see that what you said will be translated into its just fine to do it. We have to keep docs involved in these decisions. free discount card

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