I am 30 years old and have been taking lorcets for nearly 9 years, I have been abusing them for the past 4 years. On average I can take 20 lorcet 10's a day. I dont take that many everyday, well only because I usually take my script up in less thank 2 weeks and end up having to buy them for the rest of the month, however I do not feel normal (good) if I dont take atleast 12-15 a day. I start my mornings by taking 5 pills as soon as I wake up, then i take about 3 pills at a time every 2-3 hours until my work day is over. I do have a few medical conditions that made me start taking these at all, I didnt start out just for the high lol and believe it or not I cant say that I take them now for a high, I would have to say i take them for the most part so I can just feel normal, actually get out of bed. I have been researching suboxone for about a year but honestly I have been to selfish to try it because I didnt want to give up my Lorcets. I am an hour away from my appt for suboxone today and I must say I am scared to death!! I am scared it wont work, im scared I wont let it work. That may not make sense lol but what Im trying to say is I am ready to get what I can of my life back, I dont feel its to late but im scared that craving will always be there, just waiting on me to fail. I have a pretty good bit of pain but truthfully since the lorcets I feel my pain has tripled. I am hoping that this suboxone will set me free and I can take something not addictive for my pain ( if it goes back to the way it was before the lorcets ). Has anyone tried suboxone?? anyone have any sucessful/unsecessfull stories? any advise at all would be great, any do's or dont's. I know the DR will tell you for the most part but my personal feelings are unless you have ever had to battle this demon head to head then you truly do not know just how helpless and hopeless ones life can become... thanks for reading and again any advise please.. I will also update how suboxone works for me... fingers crossed!!