... happened 15 years ago. Most days he's good, and doesn't need the medications, but there'll be a 4-5 period where it flares up. When he's on these pills (during this most recent occurrence, which is happening right now, he's just taking the Lorcet) he has such a sharp personality/mood change, that I'm concerned. He'll talk to himself, or speak to people that aren't in the house, or even interrupt a conversation with the most random topic, thinking that's what we had been talking about. I haven't been seeing him long, but I really enjoy his company when he's not on the medications. I'm trying to get used to his mood swings while on, but he's so out there, that it's confusing. Is there any way to counter act this side effect? He's told his doctors what happens, and they only want to UP his mg. I guess I'm just looking for a way to help him with his pain as well as relieve the stress on us with his mood swings