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Lorcet 10/650 - what is the difference between 10-650 and 10-350?

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Factfinder411 2 Oct 2013

The acetaminophen amount is the second number.

babydoll58 5 Feb 2014

That is the opinion of the FDA, perhaps not any of these folk have back spasms, neuopathy, or any other chronic pain daily, so really how can you say what is best for everyone? What may not be good for John Doe does not mean its not good for. Pain/suffering is certainly not good for anyone if that was the case then why r there any kinds of medicines and why do we need doctors?

kaismama 2 Oct 2013

There is less tylenol in the 10/350, however I don't think its 350, it should be 325. They will no longer be making combo meds with more then 325 mg of tylenol in them. Its a new FDA reg because of the liver toxicity of tylenol.

Goodlow 30 Jan 2014

Lorcet 10/650 is a life savor to many people I know who live with daily Chronic pain and I am one of them so is my husband. If the medicine is not causing everyone to have liver toxicity why stop manufacting it altogether? Just lower the dose for the one's who are having stomach problems. It makes no sense to me to stop giving a Pt a drug that is helping them feel so much better. Replacing it with 10/325 is not working. Please try to produce something better that will work just a well as the 10/650?

Hmawhat 14 Feb 2014

It may seem like a life saver but Tylenol is TOXIC to your liver. Meaning, larger doses can cause irrepairable damage to your liver. You only have one liver so once it's gone, it's gone. The hydrocodone in the medication is actually what's important as to how much pain relief you get from it. The Tylenol is added to help increase the effectiveness of the hydrocodone & also for inflammation. As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I'm thankful for the lower Tylenol. If you aren't worried about your liver, you could add one regular strength Tylenol to the 10/325 & it would be exactly the same thing. I don't recommend that though.

DzooBaby 2 Oct 2013

Lorcet, Vicodin and Norco (among a few others) are what is known as "combination analgesics". This is because they contain more than one medication. When you see a strength of a drug written with a slash between them, it means there are two drugs. In this case, the first number, 10, refers to 10mg of hydrocodone, the opioid (or narcotic) component of the drug. The second number refers to the amount of acetaminophen (otherwise known as Tylenol). Adding this acetaminophen boosts the pain relieving properties of either drug on its own. So the difference, in your question, refers to a difference of 300mg of acetaminophen.

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