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Lorcet 10/650 - I have been diagnosed with hemoragic ovarian cysts. I have pain, will this help?

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CleanX 25 Nov 2013

Welcome onyxtear. You're in a great site for support. Whether the medication will work depends on a lot of different factors. For example, is your pain from endometriosis?Or P.I.D.? It also depends on what you're able to tolerate as far as meds go. The mg & type of meds you're on is supposed to be very strong so it should help. But that also depends on tolerance levels. I didn't answer very clearly & I apologize for that. You can go to other sites & find info; like webmd, or The Mayo Clinic's website. God bless & good luck.

kaismama 25 Nov 2013

You won't know if you don't try it. Everyone responds differently to medication and pain medications are worse then others with that. Don't wait until the pain is bad to take it, it probably won't work if it has to chase the pain. You take it when the pain begins, so that you stop the pain there, before it has a head start.

DzooBaby 26 Nov 2013

This is a fairly moderate dose and should help. With most pain, especially chronic pain, pain meds will not completely remove the pain but should help it to be tolerable. If it makes the pain tolerable then you are doing well. As posted, everyone is different.

Srr1111 13 Mar 2017

It may but everyone metabolizes meds differently. If you don't get relief, you shouldn't hesitate to let your doctor know as they may increase your dose or try another medication. You may also want to look into getting a Pelvic Floor physical therapist - they can be very helpful for pain and teach you things you can do at home to combat the pain. free discount card

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