Hi - I've been taking lorazepam for the last month. I started with about 2.5-3.0 mg a day and have reduced it to about 1.5 mg a day, with .5 mg once during the day and 1 mg at bed for sleep. The last three days I've only taken about .5-.75 mg at bed for sleep and nothing during the day. I feel like I don't really need the medication any more (my doctor prescribed it for some short-lived but scary anxiety) and he has encouraged me to only use it when needed and to lower the dose at night. My doctor is away so here's my question: am I doing this safely? What are the withdrawal symptoms? I feel pretty much back to normal, about 90-95% of the way anyway. I do feel a bit excited during the day, not constant, and nothing like the anxiety and stress of a month ago, more like a caffiene buzz. Thanks for any and all help!

PS -- I also was given 10mg lexapro 1x/day for six days during this time. I stopped it, with my doctor and therapist's encouragement, cold turkey and have not had a pill in a week. It took a few days to get out of my system and I'm wondering if I'm experiencing something similar with the lorazepam. This is all so new to me. Thanks again