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Lorazepam - Whats the diffence between Ativan and xanax?

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Inactive 29 Nov 2011

Hello fcraig. They are both fast acting benzodiazepines. Thier side effects, the time it take to work are almost identical. Ativan is used more often than not as a straight tranquilizer. Whereas xanax is used more as a drug to help say anxiety along with depression. They are both extremely habit forming and when its time to no longer be taking them, a difficult means of doing so. Best wishes,

torylynne61 9 Nov 2014

Hello. I was taking my xanax for over thrity years and I had a perfect live until my new doctor but me on this lorezopam know I can not drive, see straight things look like they are moving and legs and arms twisting all the time. I have no life now it is in this pill I am taking. Can not considerate as well as I did the other, the other xanax got me up in the morning exercises and I could go dancing or what ever I wanted to do. this stuff is ugly and I hate not being me at all times. I am glade some people can handle this lorezapam because I can not have a live with this stuff and I am a gauloma patient which deals with my eyes, which I have one eye the other the rentian is detaching itself free discount card

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