Hello, I was on Lorazepam, 1mg, for anxiety and insomnia for almost 2 years now. I recently find out it is not good for the body. So I have decided to come out of it. From 1mg, I reduced to .75mg for 12 days and then .5mg for the last seven days, till I could no longer handle the withdrawal symptoms. I can not sleep, feeling anxious, useless and lonely ) . I have been only sleeping for 2 hrs and waking up and cant seem to go back to sleep. I saw a naturopath four days ago, they Gave me L-Theanine/suntheanine and told me take 200mg before I sleep along with .75mg Lorazepam. They suggested me to go to .75mg for 30 days and then gradual go to .5mg. I have tried this, I am still not sleeping. Few days ago I was feeling very anxious and depressed, so I took 1.5mg Lorazapam with L-thenaine 200mg. It still didn’t work. I am sad and disappointed that I had to take more of lorazepam than I usually do and still could not sleep. Do you think I should stay with my old dosage for now ? and why was I not able to go to sleep even when I took 1.5mg ( more than what I usually take) ? and can I take L-thenaine along with lorazepam? Any advice would greatly appreciated. Thank you .