Hi - I'm in the final stages of my lorazepam taper after having been using this medication since the very end of November. The first month was for anxiety and this last month has been the taper. I was taking anywhere from 2.5-3.0mg/day during the onset, with the majority coming at night for sleep. I am currently only taking it at night and with my doctor's agreement I tapered to 1mg in mid-December, .75mg on January 1st, .5mg on January 13 and plan to go down to .25 mg in the next day or two. I want off of this medicine so badly as I truly do not feel as though I need it. My sleep has been a little off, hard time falling asleep, waking up sometimes during the night with a hard time going back to sleep but I know that I don't need this anymore and just want to be done with it. Does this sound reasonable? Should I go down to .25 or can I just stop it entirely? If I go .25 for a week or so, when can I expect this to be out of my system? Thanks so very much for your help!