Hello, first time posting on here. I have just moved to my hometown after being away for nearly 7 years, (I'm 19). While away I was prescribed a 2.5mg dose of Lorazepam daily, which mixed with zopiclone was helpful. Now I am off zopiclone (7.5mg dose). I've never had a panic attack, and within 1 week of moving back home I have had 2. This worries me as I've never had one before, and now I can feel the symptoms coming back every single day. First thing I do when I feel the oncoming panic is to grab the lorazepam, which at one point I was fine going days without. Also I do not have a doctor atm. I was prescribed a 10 days dose from a walk in, but it's very close to the last tablet. I'm extremely worried as not every walk in clinic will keep prescribing, and the panic symptons occur every day now. Please, someone with experience in this area please give me some info and help or where to go. Should mention I am also Canadian (As my username states lol).