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Anybody take lorazepam with buspar if anxiety gets real bad?

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chuck1957 30 Aug 2015

Yes Tseb they can be taken together, Make sure it is the same doctor giving them to you But for a while during a tough patch I was given both and found it very helpful. So check with your doctor and see what he or she thinks about it..good luck

Tseb 30 Aug 2015

Thanks chuck1957,been on buspar for a week and am still having some intense panic attacks.Have a prescription for lorazepam from same doctor and just wanted some advice -thank you!

chuck1957 31 Aug 2015

Not a problem my friend I have been prescribed both at the same time I have found for intense anxiety Buspar just does not cut it.And the benzo's are much better.Now that is just me we are all different the meds work different for everyone.But I have also found people with panic problems its not fun and we are much less to abuse or get hooked on them because we are so happy that something is finally helping us..Have a great evening and breath deep and slow..

jcolson 19 Sep 2015

I take both, I rely on buspar as the main med and when I get a little extra hard time I add the lorazepam and it has worked so far at well over a year.

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