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Will lorazepam help with my "burning mouth syndrome" as clonazepam ?

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masso 4 May 2016

I take lorazepam, before answering this question I did my research and the answer is no it will not help the BMS.

I found the following info on the web:

My husband woke up with BMS one morning. I was so worried and checked each and every post on internet. I found good remedies here.

I tried almost every home remedy mentioned here. Don't know which one worked but he is symptom free after one week! The things I tried are attached in image here.. Also mentioning in brief:

1. Baking soda rinse

2. Brushing with baking soda instead of tooth paste

3. Stop using mouth wash

4. Folic acid supplements

5. Glycerin rinse

6. Lavender oil application

7. ALA (alpha lipoic acid)600mg a day

8. Honey application

9.drink honey with milk

10. B complex supplement

11. Topical anesthetic like lidocaine ( I didn't try this one)

12. Capsaicin local application ( didn't try this one)

13. Oil of oregano (drink one or two drops in water with meal daily ) ( didn't try this one too)

14. This may also be due to fungal infection in mouth or glossitis. So, make an appointment with your doc to check.

15. Antidepressant may help in some cases as I found on internet. ( try to reduce stress and exercise daily)

Hope it helps!!! free discount card

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