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Does lorazepam 2mg affect you the same way as clonazepam 2mg or Xanax 2mg?

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LaurieShay 13 Feb 2015

They all reduce symptoms of anxiety, but at different rates. The dosages are not equal from one to the next.

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balbanese 13 Feb 2015

Not necessarily depending on why the Dr chose this articular medication over the others.

Nattjenta 13 Feb 2015

As Balbanese said, it depends on what the doctor prescribes and why. I was on Lorazepam at 1mg. Due to the new edicts from the Food and Drug Administration, he chose to put me on Klonazepam. For me personally it worked just as well as Lorazepam. No problems at all.

scarecrow2 9 Apr 2015

What new edicts from the FDA are you referring to?

Mackintosh 15 Feb 2015

I have taken/tried all 3 (have been on Klonopin for years now and has been great for me), but Ativan made me kinda angry & sad, actually, which I found to be odd! I was Rx' ed Xanax for a period of time years ago and it made me feel very tired compared to Klonopin and was much shorter acting. free discount card

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