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Lorazepam - Can 11 pills cause you to do something stupid?

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DzooBaby 24 Jul 2013

Most definitely! If someone took that many it would definitely impair their thought process as much as heavy drinking. If they are not used to this drug it could be fatal and they really should seek medical help if they ingested them all at once!

kope 24 Jul 2013

It will lead to drinking

DzooBaby 24 Jul 2013

no, not necessarily but a person who has taken this much medicine will appear as if they have been drinking heavily, they will slur their words, stumble around, have balance problems, they could apss out and not wake up because it could affect their breathing and make them stop breathing in their sleep. It is very dangerous. Do you know someone who has taken 11 pills at once? or did they take 11 over a period of time? If they took them as prescribed it will just make them feel less anxious.

DzooBaby 24 Jul 2013

Your question wasnt really clear in what you are asking. 11 pills spaced out over several days would do much of anything but make a person less anxious. 11 pills all at once could be fatal. free discount card

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