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Does loratabs cause constipation?

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kaismama 22 Jul 2012

Yes, all narcotics do. Drink plenty of water and take fiber and fruits and you should get some relief.

bumblebee90 23 Jul 2012

Agree completely with kaismama. They all do. I have taken about all of them unfortunately, due to chronic pain. You may be like me, and not be fond of drinking water, but it does help. I know. Best of luck to you and take care. Ruthie

Inactive 23 Jul 2012

Yes they do... anything with a narcotic in it will cause constipation! Try eating lots of fiber and stay hydrated, and if it get's to be too much of a problem, let your doctor know and he/she can give you a mild laxative or stool softener to help you. Hope this helps and good luck :)

balbanese 23 Jul 2012

Yes, all opiates and the like do. Hope this helps.

DzooBaby 23 Jul 2012

Good job Balbanese for using the correct term of opiates!! Narcotics is an outdated term and shouldnt be used in medicine. It is a law enforcement and legal term and brings to mind illegal activity which we dont want to imply in medicine. There is a really good article about this on which discusses terminology and why it is important to use correct terminology. I try not to use the word narcotics when speaking of legally prescribed meds. We have enough bias as it is without adding to the problem. I'll see if the moderators will allow me to add a link to the article if anyone is interested. I just wanted to give you thumbs up for using the correct terminology!!

DzooBaby 23 Jul 2012

I tried to add the link and it is pending approval so they probably wont let it go through. Take a moment to pull it up on your own! is the site and it has GREAT info! It is my second favorite site after this one. The article is "Narcotics" vs. "opioids" Language Matters

Inactive 24 Jul 2012

Hello hottea420 Welcome to the site. I agree with the previous answers. All Narcotics do. As previously suggested, water, water and more water. Best wishes!!!

andi555 2 May 2014

Yes def do take sumthn like mineral oil daily ul b fine nd if ur currently bakd up try a fleet brand liquid glycerin suppository. free discount card

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