I have been taking viibryd for about 4 months now and have liked the depression/anxiety positive side effects more than previous Zoloft, lexapro, cymbalta prescribed to me by my psychitrist. I am bi-polar "stage 2?", I have high-anxiety, and depression problems. I have had a panic attack in the past 4 months but the other day I did have a bad day and had a "manic episode" possibly. I usually don't do well with new medicines, so now im stressed because i dont want to stop taking this one because it seems to kinda make me happier a little i guess, but im also a 20 year old girl so i dont think i should be taking all these strong meds to begin with. I do see a therapist as well though :)
So again I like the side effects better than the other drugs but I have also gained about 15 lbs. I bartend at a place that requires us to keep a certain physical appearance standard, so the weight gain has to stop/go away. (I am not a stripper).
Any good ideas would be awesome.