Hi eveyone, well after all thats happen to me over the last three weeks, vomiting, diahera, constipation, yellow stools, hot and cold sweats ended up at A&E again, not the ear infection which the gp thought, turns out have a rare syndrome ( name i cant even say) that means i have a looped bowel under my diaphram, they have given me loads of drugs that im not sure what they would do if i carry on with them taken altogether here is the list and would be very happy if anyone has got the same problem and or taken the same medication.
omeprazole 20mg 1 daily
cefeclor 500mg 1 x twice day
metronidazole 400mg 1 x three a day
buccastem 3 mg twice a day
buscapan three times aday
paracetomol four times a day

Going to have ultrascan some time as my gullstones may have also come back which i had 72 small ones 11 years ago,