My Dr. started me on the patches a few months back, we started with 25 and after 2 months on each dose we are up to 100 now. Up to the 75s he had me changing a patch out every 48 hrs. After telling him that all I seem to have got out of them was 2 days of relief. Just this month since he moved me up to 100 he wants me try and make them last for 3 days. But so far I have been through two "third days" and it was misserable. I noticed I had to take way to many percocets those days to get by, usually the first two days with the patch I dont need anything for break through pain, I can get by on just the patch. What I've been reading it seems a lot of people have to change their patch every 2 days.

Do many of your get a full 3 days of relief out of your patch?

Right now Im self pay, and have been using Mylan, but it seems a lot of people are unhappy with Mylan, is that the case for any of you ? Are there other generic brands that you perfer over Mylan?

Someone was telling me that the patches work with your metabolism, Im not sure how true that is, but I have a really high metabolism and was wondering if that may something to do with only getting relief for the 2 days.