I'm looking for a reliable long-term birth control. I'm not one to trust condoms, and I notice that often after having sex while my partner wears a condom, I'm left so sore and chafed, even with extra lube, that I have to wait a day or two before I can even THINK about having sex again.

I'd started out on the ring which was the worst experience of ever! I had cramps, breakthrough bleeding, horrible mood swings, and vaginal itching.

I moved to the patch which was great, but my clinic seems to enjoy giving me the runaround when I need new patches and/or an appointment. They've caused me to lapse twice in the year and a half I've been using them, even though I've made every attempt to meet their ridiculous scheduling. (Note: I do realize that free clinics are prone to operate this way, but with a lack of health insurance, as well as my rural setting, I've got little other option!)

I know that every birth control is different, and that apparently Depo is the way to go before Implanon, but with my clinic 28 miles away and prone to not working around schedules, I find that I don't believe they'd be able to give me the shot when needed, seeing as they can't help me every three months, let alone every three weeks.

That being said, did anyone try the ring and/or patch before Implanon, and do you have any parallels to draw? Such as "The Patch worked for me and Implanon is great/terrible!" or "the ring was terrible and Implanon is horrible/the best thing since sliced bread" or vice versa? I notice that Implanon seems to be the most contrasting form of birth control on here, so I'm interested in seeing if people who have had similar experiences to me can help me make a decision.