I've looked on probably every website out there at every post about subutex withdrawals and not a single one ever says the same thing. I know everyone's experience is different but I was curious about a few things hopefully someone out there can answer. I've been on subutex for just over a year now, when I began taking it my doctor gave me a dose of 8mg a day which I did for about 2 weeks and than I stopped taking it all together for about 5 months. I began taking it again at a dose of about 4mgs a day for I'd say 3 months than began to take less and less up until the point I'm at now. I take anywhere between .5-1mg a day depending on how I'm feeling, I guess you can say.

I had a small (and in all honesty SMALL) bout with oxy's & roxy's for about a year when I first started college and went through the withdrawals from that and got them over with and than for some god awful reason decided to start subutex just to prevent a relapse from occuring. Well here I am now a year later and haven't had a single run in or thought of drug use and I'm stuck on these things. I'm not concerned at all about relapsing or how my life will be after subutex cause I'm really excited for that, I'm just ready to put this all behind me. I just want to know what to really expect from these w/d according to what I've told you above about my sub. usage. I can handle the aches, chills, insomnia, etc. but I've heard the psychological part is the hardest.

Any response would be so much appreciated! :]