He has headaches, is lethargic, not much of an appetite, stomach pains(maybe bec he isn't eating well), As time goes on he started to feel that he has a hard time concentrating-brain fuzz. He can't be in any structured setting like school or camp for more that 2-3 hours before he feels ill. The primary doctor said it can take 1-2 years. We tried vitamins, alternative medicines, but nothing is helping. His July blood work still had a high result for his CMV virus. He and myself-his Mom- are frustrated. Is there any medicine or doctor that specializes in this virus? Is it better to push him or just let him relax all day at home? He doesn't need to sleep-just rest. He is normally an easy going, non stressed kid. About 2 years ago he had a low iron count which had no symptoms. We treated this with iron supplements and that problem is gone. Is there a relationship between the two? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.