Hi - I came across this site as I was looking for some help with designing a taper plan to come off?of suboxone. I have a doctor who is fine, but she has admitted that she would prefer to keep all clients on suboxone, so she does not support the taper. That seems wrong to me, and since this is my life and choice, I need to seek support with this elsewhere. I can share my entire story and will if you like, but for now, I was hoping to see if there was anyone who had a tried and possibly true taper plan that they could suggest. I HAVE successfully come off of suboxone before, and recall thinking at the time how much easier it was than I thought it would be, but now that I am facing that challenge again, my brain can't seem to remember that it IS possible. I did it with the support of a friend online who was also coming off, and we worked together.

I did read that there was a member by the name of Robert_325 who others have said had a taper that was ideal, but I can't seem to figure out how to send him a message directly. I would love any help from anyone, and will do my best to support others who are going through the same. I feel it is our job to help one another! Thank you all in advance