Has anyone had a doctor tell them they have a dissolver there in the office and if so, do you know how this works?

To finish my question, they are white, round with markings on one side 54 262 and a score mark in the middle on the other side. I need to replace what's in my bottle with more because my pain mgmnt doc wants to count and dissolve the mistaken prescription (prescribed by a different doc and all of it legitimate, not doctor shopping) but when this was decided, they also decided to take me down by a significant amount of the ER that I'm on, which I'm fine with as the move needs to happen, but there is no in-between mg to put me on so it's a significant drop and I've used the MS Contin IR to help me step down without talking to them. This is my mistake, I realize. I just need to have about 20 more in my bottle than what I have so it doesn't look quite as bad.

They are getting so difficult to work with with all the new rules coming into effect and they act as if our bodies are just going to get in line with the new rules with no side affect of doing so. I think they are really just trying to help but the pain is significantly worse than usual with the weather changing and all. I used bit more than I normally would have as I was used to taking the extended release instead of the instant release and breaking them down so I could step down slowly instead of jumping down quickly.

In short, I need to put pills in my bottle that will match the description and I'm thinking of using a supplement like a vitamin C as I know those are white but they are generally quite big and I also have a mg weight scale so I can get them to scale too. If I have to make some adjustments, I will. I would appreciate any suggestions.