I am 35 and was diagnosed in 2014 with RR Multiple Sclerosis. I have tried copaxone, tecifidara, and they were going to try gylenia. But my body wouldnt accept the chicken pox vaccine so that was out of the question. The first two gave me EVERY side effect known to come with the drug.
Now I am on up to the 44 shot of rebif every other day 3 times a week and I am experiencing vomiting, numbness, Severe nerve pain, severe back pain, fatigue, easily angered, weakness of arms and legs... I pee nonstop and I also have such horrible night sweats. I do the ibuprofen before I take my shot, drink water non stop (always thirsty) and I also use a ice pack on the injection site when it hurts to much to bear. I get such horrible bruising as well.
Could any of these have to do with my liver not working properly? I just wonder if I should get it tested as I havent yet or if I should just not be on my shots all together?
Thanks a bunch