I been using this pharmacy for about 5 years now. 2 years on Norco 10/325. I've never had an issue filling my meds... for the past 3 months I've had issues 1st month they tell me they are out of stock. 2nd they tell me they can't fill untill I change my P.O. box adress to my physical adress on my DL reason for that was that the pharmacy had some sort of audit. I did just that thinking that would fix it all. I was wrong! 3rd time going in there they tell me it's not in stock... ok fine fill it when you have it in. Now they tell me they cannot keep my script. The first 2 months I said fine fill it when you have them back in stock they kept the script and filled it a week after. I want to know what is possibly going on! I suffer from a spine injury from a car accident I had back in 2013.