Hi everone. I am new to the site so I hope that I am doing this correctly. I wondered if anyone could help? I been fighting depression and anxiety since an involuntary habituation to benzos, when a GP treated my epilepsy with said drugs on a longterm basis and at a high dose without warning me of side affects. Since withdrawing from serenid and valium some 7 years ago, I have experienced terrible longstanding depression with anxiety. I have always tried to be positive and have always embellished the truth to people - ie telling everyone that everything is ok. However things are not going away. I usually have periods of depression which last 2/3 weeks and then lift. I may have half a half dozen each year. However, I am currently in the thick of a deep depression which has not lifted for 4 months and I am seriously worried about it. Would anyone out there have any info which may help me or have experienced something similar. I am having cbt counselling and have recently changed my meds from mirtazepine to citalopram. I would be greatful for any help! Many thanks.Riku