I was on Risperidone (Generic of Risperdal) for three years for anxiety and depression. (I am 20, almost 21) However, it has caused several minor side effects such as sensitivity to sunlight, shaky hands, and one extremely severe side effect of memory loss. I forget what people say seconds after they say it. I forgot most of what I learned in school, how to play the piano, and I can’t remember street signs. My dad is disabled due to short term memory loss. While mine is both short and long term, I often find my memory is worse than his.

This started a while after I started the Risperidone, and I never made the connection until recently. I asked to be weaned off the medication and my doctor agreed. It has now been a month and a half since I have been off it. No improvement in memory, and my hands still shake.

I was on a medication for four months that caused a side effects of hallucinations. While the hallucinations only appeared in the last month, the day I went off the medication I no longer had them. Yet a month and a half off the Risperidone and my memory is just as bad as before. Is this because I was on it so long? How long could it take? There’s no other medication I’ve been on that long, or anything else I can think of that would cause the memory loss except the Risperidone, and memory loss, shaky hands, and sensitivity to sunlight are all listed on websites as possible side effects of Risperidone. Thanks for your help!