I have a thyroid problem and therefore I haven't gotten my period since August. I've been having some health issues and was on some medicine which stopped my birth control. It's been about 2 or 2 1/2 months of no birth control and my boyfriend and I are still having sex. We were used to not having to use a condom because we were using the pill, but now we're not protected. We used condoms for a couple weeks but after a while we started the pull out method. We both know this isn't very safe but it's been happening.

I'd like to know how I'll know if I get pregnant since I don't get my period. I'd like to know as soon as possible so I could start on the right medical care, so I wouldn't wanna wait until I'm barfing every morning. My thyroid plays with my hormones and sometimes causes me to faint and get pregnancy symptoms anyway. It's pretty expensive to be buying a test every month. I'd like to avoid doing that if at all possible.

Please let me know if there are any ways (without taking a pregnancy test) to know if I get pregnant since I no longer get my period.