Hello sir/madam,

My son is 27 years old. He got an epilepsy attack for the first time in his life before two months after which he was diagnosed to having been suffering from 2° Generalized epilepsy / (Rt) Peritrigonal Gliosis with Porencephalic Cyst due to Perinatal injury.

MRI report showed impressions of
- Unilateral left lateral ventriculomegaly ( sequel of gliosis with porencephaly).
- Small gliotic area in right peritrigonal white matter.
- No definite hippocampal abnormality.

He is consuming a drug called Ictacetam since 2months now. Each day 2 doses of 500mg due to which some side effects such as insomnia, dizziness, tiredness, mood swings, furiousness are observed. After the first attack there are no symptoms/attack of generalized seizure/complex partial seizure. His health is good post that.

We needed your advice as to:
1. For how much longer period should he take this particular drug 'Ictacetam'?
2. How to get over with the side effects caused by it?
3. Did this incident of attack happen due to the cyst? There was a confusion as this cyst is from birth n the attack came at 27years of age. If yes then is there any way that we can get the cyst removed?

Looking forward for your kind response on the same asap.

Thanking you.
Suresh K.