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I can no longer afford cymbalta, will paxil be a good substitute?

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balbanese 23 Feb 2015

Hard to say, but you really have to be careful and get off this stuff gradually, all the way off before trying another, withdrawal is bad enough without adding overlap.

Johnv214 23 Feb 2015

What mg dosage are you on?

Johnv214 23 Feb 2015

Paxil did nothing for me

ldubois54 12 Mar 2015

90 mg

1wolfee 23 Feb 2015

Hi.. First of all I'm not sure what you mean by you can no longer afford Cymbalta but one thing is for sure before you start another med you have to be completely off the original- mixing drugs isn't a great idea even if it's miniscule. Just to be safe. Every medication is different in other people's bodies so if one stops working the way you want it too don't hesitate to ask your Dr. for another.

ldubois54 12 Mar 2015

my insurance doesn't cover Cymbalta, it is $634.00 a month

kaismama 23 Feb 2015

Before you think of changing if its working well for you, google it and the word discounts, there are coupons for it that can bring the price to $30. Venlafaxine would be the closest to it. That is effexor. I've taken the generic of that for quite a while with no difference noted between the the generic and the brand. There is a generic for cymbalta but there have been so many complaints about it I wouldn't recommend it.

Johnv214 23 Feb 2015

The generic for cymbalta is duloxetine. I take 60mg twice a day and have no issues with the generic. Took cymbalta for a year then got switched to duloxetine with no problem.

ldubois54 12 Mar 2015

I have taken Effexor before, it stopped being effective for me

Marchbaby 28 Feb 2015

Dear Idubois54,
This long because your question requires a lot of thought for you or anyone in your situation.
I would first ask myself if the cymbalta has been of great help to you for the symtoms you were prescribed it; and also was it a chemical issue or situational. I say this because if we find an antidepressant that fits well with our imbalanced chemicals it is often very difficult to find another comfortable fit again. Been there-still living it. Also for reason it is difficult to go back on one antidepressant that worked really well before we stopped taking it. (That has happened to me .) Second, I would set my priorities as to what I can afford and what I can not - as is there something you can give up to afford your medicine? If not or even so; pharmacies have special discount rates for those with poor insurance coverage, or none. It is worth the time to ask your pharmacy about this option; and then call some other pharmacies to see if they offer it.

ldubois54 12 Mar 2015

Thank you for your answer. been on antidepressants for over 17 years. Psychologist states I have probably been depressed for most of my life, I am 60 now. Child hood issues. I also have Crohn's Disease. My anxiety triggers the Crohn's. free discount card

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