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How long does Zoloft take to start working?

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kaismama 31 Mar 2015

It takes 4-6 weeks for peak effect. You can start feeling better before that.

balbanese 31 Mar 2015

3-5 days although the full adjustment period can go 2-3 weeks, 4-6 for some folks. You may feel as though it's making things worse at first, this is normal and best not to stop or change the dose on any way during the adjustment period, also avoid other meds to treat the adjustment symptoms, only prolongs the adjustment.

What's your starting dose?

Robeva 1 Apr 2015

I started with 50 mg for three weeks and now am up to 100, I hope it works soon, I have noticed some relief but not as much as I would like, my anxiety is heavy and I seem to have some resistance to drugs.

12121212 1 Apr 2015

Do you have any info on approximately how long you could feel worse when starting Zoloft. I started 2 weeks and 3 days ago. I don't know that I am feeling any better. My depression is worse.

balbanese 1 Apr 2015

Yes, 2-3 weeks or for you it could be 4-6 weeks or longer, best to know this is normal and not to change the dose in any way until this settles down.

Robeva 19 Apr 2015

I'm going into my sixth week on Zoloft, now at 150 mg, and still very anxious, my doctor told me to give it nine weeks so I'm hanging in there, but im so tired of fighting this feeling... I just want to get better!! free discount card

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