I was dx with postpartum depression/anxiety over a year ago. I suffered with extreme anxiety, constant ruminating, and intrusive/disturbing thoughts. Personally I've been really reluctant to try medications because I'm anxious about them. Imagine that. Anyway, I've been on 25 mg for about 3 weeks and just bumped it up to 50mg. No side effects that I can really notice, other than I'm just generally anxious. I guess my question is how many moms, or people have had success with Zoloft diminishing intrusive thoughts, and rumination. For the past year I've tried counseling, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, which yes have been helpful. But I'm still a struggling mama, and I just want to be back to my old self. Before having my baby I was never like this. I know that being a mom is hard , but it shouldn't be full of this much anxiety, and fear. Need some positive feedback please!!