This all started in late August. I had a back ache that would NOT go away. Eventually it turned into severe hip and leg pain.
I ended up going to my primary doctor in mid September. She prescribed me flexeril 5mg three times a day. I was to keep taking Ibuprofen. I was put on light duty the 1st of October. During September she recommended me to go to physical therapy, which I did for two weeks.
October 14 I had a follow up mainly because my boss thought I could work the floor (I am a cna and also a med aid for a nursing home). I keep telling her I cannot do that. Just because she doesn't see me in great pain while I'm at work doesn't mean I am well. Primary Doctor sent me for MRI. I have a herniated disc between my L4/L5. So I went to the pain management specialist. There I was told I have DDD and spinal stenosis. I am to get spinal steroid Injections, but I am wait for be approved for aid as I have no insurance.
Now my boss told me that I can't be on light duty much longer! I am really upset right now. I am considering my options and thinking about not working all together or finding a more suitable job. Who out there got told they couldn't work by their doctor? If not and you you are no longer working did you take a leave of absence? How long did you wait with the pain before it got to the point you could not work?

PS I am also on gabapentin which I am slowly working up to 3 300mg daily and 50mg of tramadol as needed every 6 hours.
Also since I only worked part-time I don't qualify for FLMA because it requires a person to have worked 1250 hours in 12 months and if I did my math right I've accumulated 840.

I am new to this site. Thank you for your time!