I have been on norcos 1 every 4 hours for about 8 months. I finally told my doctor that I can't deal with the pain anymore. Dr said why didn't you tell me this earlier. I told him that I normally can deal with pain but it was just getting unbearable. During that time I was taking tramadol or Valium or soma at bedtime. My doctor said he wanted me to have my back doctor take over. Who does pain management. Back dr put me on Percocet every 4 hours and 1 soma at night for bed. I took for a month and still had severe pain. Now I'm on 15 mg Roxiecodone every 4-6 hours & 1 Flexeril for bedtime. I'm still having a lot of severe pain and I can't sleep. It seems that I only get about 2 hours of relief. The month is about up. Do I tell the doctor that I'm still not getting enough relief? I'm giving a month to see if the pills work. Should've said something earlier. I don't want the dr to think that I'm just trying to get stronger medicine. I hate taking medicine like this. I've never had to have medicine like this. I was in a head on collision and have a broken vertebrae, pinched nerves and neck pain.