I am (finally!) seeing a psychiatrist to discuss my recent onset of sudden depression about a year ago. I think there is a good chance he will prescribe Celexa, or a similar drug.

Me: I have been on Wellbutrin (bupropion) for almost 8 weeks which my GP prescribed, with OK/minimal effects quite a roller coaster of emotions. Though I actually think I may like to stay on this med because it's regulated my sleep and seems to help with SSRI's sexual side effects for some, it's at this point, clearly not doing the trick, and I've given it a while.

The question: How long do you give Celexa to "work"?

Though I see claims that it typically works in 2-3 weeks and gets better and better, I have my concerns that perhaps I am a slow onset type of person, and that rather then a steady climb up, it may be a bumpy one.

What is the longest you would give a SSRI?

Is the onset "better and better" as it goes, or is it typical to have a roller coaster like wellbutrin (great for 2 days, horrid for 4, OK for 6, back to good for 2 etc.)?

Though I know each person is different, and no one can tell me what my results will be for certain, it would be great to know in general what range to expect with this.

Also, did the onset cause MORE anxiety and depression for you? I gave lexapro a 3 week trial and it made me feel increasingly worse, so I had to stop. I believe my GP did not prescribe me proper anti anxiety meds for this onset duration, and I may have been OK had he done so.