... taking it, I'm prescribed 2 pills a day... each being 150mgs. I am taking for smoking cessation, not for depression so I'm just asking how long it usually takes before it becomes 100% because during these 4 days I've been taking it, I definitely have noticed that my cravings have went down a lot which makes me very happy because I was a pack a day+ smoker and I liked smoking but a job offer at a hospital came and I didn't realize that your not aloud to smoke at all(even in your own home) so PERIOD... if you work for them at the hospital. They draw your blood after your interview if you are then hired, you sign a smoking cessation contract saying that there is no tobacco or nicotine in your system n they will do random tests later and if nicotine is found it's immediate termination. So i had to go from a pack a day of Newport 100s to NOTHING! Which is crazy! It being a hospital you would think they would allow you to quit within a certain time period and with help, like nicotine patches, lozenges, him etc... Or gaping starting with 24mgs(same as cigs) but then every couple days, go down to 20mgs, 18mgs, then 16, 12, 10, 6, and lastly 3mgs n then you can continue to vape but you would have weaned yourself over about a month to 6wks time down to 0mgs of nicotine so you can still "smoke" if you want to out of habit but you won't be smoking any chemicals or tobacco... just vapor in whatever your favorite flavors are.(mine happen to be piña colada, vanilla custard, butterscotch and blue slushy!) I quit smoking on my own for a year n a half b4 that way although I stayed always with a small amount of nicotine in my juice(about 6mgs) but it was way healthier than smoking because there was no tobacco, no 24mgs of nicotine, and most of all none of the thousands of other chemicals that are in cigarette. Anyways for this job you have to just stop immediately! So that's why I'm on my 4th day this morning on the Wellbutrin and I've been vaping also(my lifeline! Lbvs!) which is amazing for my worst craving times which is when I wake up in morning w my coffee and then anytime after I eat! Only diff is that my vape juice has 0 nicotine obviously but that makes it extremely hard on me! And thank goodness for the Wellbutrin making my cravings go from 20 a day to only thinking about needing one maybe bout 4-5times! So i will say that so far the medication IS working! Along with my vape pen so that I can at least puff on that during those real bad parts of everyday that I badly need a cigarette, I can at least halfway feel like I'm smoking. But anyways that's just how I'm doing so far... was wondering, for the people that have been on it at least a few months... if it gets better n better the longer your on it? Or if there is a certain timing like for example "after 2 weeks it's in your body the strongest" sort of thing? They have to build up in your body for a week or a month or whatever. OR... do they start off at there strongest right when u first start taking them... more like a narcotic pain pill (Vicodin etc... ) I just wanna no if this is as good as it gets? Which is very good and helping a lot but I still HAVE TO have my VAPE! Or does it keep getting better for a week or so until it hits it's peak in your body? If anyone is still browsing this forum in 2017 please let me know