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How long should I take to wean off Wellbutrin. I have been on it for a month with no effect from it?

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LaurieShay 3 Feb 2014

Kind of depends on what dosage you were on. You'll need to at least take 10 days. You may want to consider increasing the dosage. Your doctor needs to advise.

WildcatVet 3 Feb 2014

Laurie, as always, is spot-on. You and your doctor should discuss a possible dosage change, but if you do withdraw it must be done with your doctor's instructions. You may be able to start a different antidepressant while weaning off the Wellbutrin. Best wishes, WCV

Sheehan 3 Feb 2014

Thanks Laurie, my primary care doctor wants to begin 3 drugs now. Effexor Pristiq and keep the Wellbutron which is at max dose of 450 mgs a day. I'm worried about the Effexor withdrawl which everyone says is a nightmare. Don't know if this is too much a cocktail? What do you think on this? Thx for writing back to me... Jerry

LaurieShay 4 Feb 2014

You can't take Effexor and Pristiq both. However, you can take one or the other with the Wellbutrin. You are at the maximum dose, 450mgs, for the Wellbutrin. I take Pristiq and Wellbutrin and have found to be a good combination.

Sheehan 4 Feb 2014

Thanks Laurie,
That's the issue when you have your primary care doctor becoming your psychiatrist. I worry about the weaning nightmares I hear coming off Effexor anyway. Thanks for being so kind and answering me back. I just finished a 6 month stent with chemo and radiation for cancer, the cancer is gone but now I have this dibliltating depression. I pray something works to contain it.. Thanks again Laurie... Edward Jerry S

LaurieShay 4 Feb 2014

You are very welcome and I agree, a psychiatrist maybe the path you need to take. They know the medications and their interactions, etc. much better obviously. Sorry to here of your recent bout with cancer. I'll pray that all will be well soon.

Sheehan 4 Feb 2014

Hey again sweet Laurie,
I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and good psycharists are scarcer than hens teeth. I have an appointment with one good one but her next opening is April 4th! I'll be in the nut house by then! What dose would be good to start on with Pristiq with 450 mgs of Wellbtrin. I go my PCP today and he might try to blend a concoction and you'll not hear from your Irish buddy again. :-)

LaurieShay 5 Feb 2014

Hey Jerry,

Starting dose for Pristiq is 50mgs. Do not agree to taking Effexor with Pristiq as the following link explains the interaction:,2796-12488 free discount card

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