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How long does it take to wean off Wellbutrin. I've been on it for 22 days with no success?

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kaismama 1 Feb 2014

You're probably not giving it enough time and what dose are you on?

Sheehan 1 Feb 2014

I am on 150mg@ 8, 12,& 4 =450mg a day

Dave1975 1 Feb 2014

Wellbutrin did wonders for me after 4-5 weeks.It also made me kick my smoking habit to the curb.You need to give it a chance to work,or maybe your dose is too low.Good luck!

Sheehan 1 Feb 2014

Thanks... I just have had no luck with any anti depressants. Did you gradually feel better after 4-5 weeks? Nothing happened prior to that? I want so badly to rid myself of this depression. I read others stories about feeling great now, or I'm back to my old self. No such luck in my court. I pray for relief to come. I will give it another 2weeks. Thanks for writing back. By the way, I'm on 450 mg a day which in the max dose I believe.

Sheehan 2 Feb 2014

Thanks Dave, I will give it more time. Did you slowly start to feel better or was it a light switch effective I hear with some folks on Remeron free discount card

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