I have been taking Celexa for three months to help me with anxiety, stress and a little bit of postpartum depression I guess after having a baby with a birth defect that has already been repaired. The whole thing was more than I could handle, topping with a naggy husband an two typical disrespecful teenage stepdaughters. I am 42 now, I know it sounds a little bit crazy but I want to have another baby before my eggs are finished or too old. My daugther needs a sibling her age and I really want to have another baby, hopefully a son, although another daughter would be a delight. So I cannot wait to much to try to get pregnant again, but I don't want to rush things either. My doctor suggest to reduce the doze to half ( I was taing the coral one) so I crushed the pills. I have for one month more of half doze, and then to stop. I am also taking melatonine to help me to sleep ( I was taking two but now I take only one) and omeprazole for reflux, which my doctor switch to ranitidine which is safer during pregnancy. I am also taking vitamins ( right now children chewable ones) but planning to swich to prenatal ones when I finish these ones.