So I asked a question earlier about Plan B and I'm a little confused how long I should wait to take a pregnancy test. Here's a little but more information about what happened...

On Thursday I had sex with my boyfriend. The condom broke so I toke Plan B. A couple hours later I had sex again with my bf and the condom broke again.

I got some answers from here that said I could still get pregnant. I asked a nurse who works at the health center at my school the same question and she believes I'm not pregnant.

I also want to add that yesterday I started to spotting and it was dark red. When I woke up today I was bleeding really heavy and it was dark red. I went to the nurse and she told me this due to the Plan B. She said that I'm on my period and that I should wait until March 26 to have a pregnancy test.

Is all the information true? Should I actually wait that long for a pregnancy test. That seems really long to wait