I am a carer for my husband,he had a stroke 2 years ago, came out of hospital doing well. 6 months post stoke had his first seizure, given meds to help.
Meds not working given more and more meds.
Febuary this year he went down hill, lots of stress and worry .
In the 2 years I have been a caregiver I have had not 1 day off to myself. Son and daughter have not helped,friends now bother with us, no one to turn to.
Now I am paying for it ,I suffer with depression and anxiety , Dr has increased my venaflaxine . Anxiety is the worst part, my husband is going away to respite for 2 weeks , I am worried I will not be able to cope if I am not feeling well, I also feel that I don't want to be his carer any more
Please advise or help