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How long do valiums effect you?

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kaismama 3 Jan 2013

The half life of valium is 30 hrs, therefore it takes 150 hr or around 6 days to be out of your body.

Inactive 3 Jan 2013

Hello 12345s. If you mean by effect as in feeling the actual drug work and then no longer do so, Diazepam/Valium time to peak meaning the person actually feels the drugs effect/working is from one to two hours. More often than not, another pill (depending on the actual dose) is taken again possibly from 18 to 26 hours. Regards pledge

balbanese 3 Jan 2013

It's different for everyone and depends on many factors about you; age, weight, general health, dosage, other drugs if any, etc. etc. 6, 8, 12, 72 hours. Really hard to say without more information. free discount card

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