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How long does triazolam stay in your system?

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kaismama 24 Jan 2013

its half life is only 1.5 hours and it would be in your system 5 times that or 7.5 hrs

DzooBaby 24 Jan 2013

I always wonder when people say "when is ___ out of my system" what they mean by that. Do you mean how long is the drug working or when is it not detectable in blood, urine etc? Half life will tell you how long the drug is working in your system but remember that a substance and its metabolites can be detected in urine LONG after the drug has worn off its effects within the body. Benzodiazepines are stored in fat and some of them can be detected in urine for 30 days or longer. If you want to know how long this drug is working in your body doing its job then kaismama answered your question. If you wish to know when it can no longer be detected in urine on a drug screen then it could be detected 4-6 weeks after your last dose. free discount card

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