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How long does tramadol stay in your system?

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KKrandle 10 Sep 2018

Tramadol’s half life, at which half of the medication has left your system, is six hours. So, it should be out of your system in approximately 12 hours. It can be picked up by drug screenings up to about 4 days.

Stephen Treloar 10 Sep 2018

A half life of six hours gives a time to elimination time of 33 hours not 12; it takes 5.5 half lives to get to zero.

KKrandle 11 Sep 2018

Now we’re starting to mix apples. My answer is correct as far as effectiveness goes and I should have made that more clear that I’m referring to effectiveness in the system. If you’re talking about being picked up on drug tests (plasma half-life) then, yes, it’s closer to the number you describe although there are other factors that effect plasma half-life. It’s not a simple math calculation.

Charmk56 10 Sep 2018

It stays in your system for about 7 hours, but can be detected as much as 40 hours after taking it.

elfinawe 11 Sep 2018

It will depend if the dose is slow/sustained release or not. free discount card

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