I have had the same pain doc for over 12 years, I wound up in the hospital a few months ago due to phnemonia, and was admitted right through my family doc. I had been on oxycontin and percocet and soma for this long. while I was in the hospital on the first day.I had taken my meds right before my doc appontment. When I got to my room I still had about 4 hrs to go until my next dose of oxycontin 80 mgs. I was in ICU due to the fact the newest fu bug was going around and was in isolation. the nurse came to give me y med, and I told her I was not due yet. She said if I refused she would have to throw them out and put refused, and I would not be allowed my next dose for at least 8 hrs. In other words she was starting all over again like it was time. I did not want to see that happen and told her I would take them, to make a long story short, at the time I had my dinner tray and was trying to eat,so she left the cup of meds on my tray and walked away, which I know from my sis being a nurse you have to watch them take the meds. so I went to take them and not thinking I chewed them cos I was in the middle of eating my dinner. I wound up almost on a ventalator, from an overdose. I was stupid enough not to tell anyone the nurse did not watch me take my meds ,however, due to the fact I was on o2 at night for copd they went and decided to start taking away alot of my meds. they refused to put it in my record what happened when I told them (to cover there arsas)So someone came into my room and got me to switch pain docs and to go with one that was not private practice.
Now I am hurting so bad and am on almost next to nothing pain wixe and found out that the hospita was switching over to a new system, to where they were gonna get everyone off meds and do therapy and blocks which I cannot have due to having Guillian Barre syndrom, Now my reg doc of 12 yrs wont take me back. his nurse said he was so upset. I have called 3 times and wrote 2 letters to him to no avail. I am now going through major withdraws, and have 2 appointments with a few other pain docs. The worse part was when I saw this new pain doc he even said he did not know that much about pain meds. what the F is he doing trying to manage pain than.
do I have a lawsuit? Oh btw they had me on the fentynal patch and I am very allergic to 8t. I put out 4-5 calls and noone returned my calls cept my reg doc and she sounded by than po'ed at me. I did try flonase and it did not work so I have 4 places that are highly infected. so I was switched to ms contin which I found was even a lower dose than the patch these hebe ge bes gotta go.