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Can long term usage of lortab have any long term effects to a person?

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Lisa01 3 Jun 2012

Dear hdfchris,
Hi and welcome to the site! I'll give you a short answer to your question and let some of the others, who are more qualified, give you a more detailed response. In short, yes. Using lortabs long term can affect you. Over time you're body will become more and more tolerant of the medicine, requiring you to take a larger dose for the same relief
There is an on-going argument on the site between the words dependant and addicted which I won't get into here other than to say I prefer the word dependant. Your body becomes dependant on the medicine and this can cause you to have withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it.
Like I said, this is the very short answer and I'm sure some of my friends here will respond soon with better ones. I wish you all the best in your search for pain relief. Keep us posted on your progress. We're here to help and support.

Inactive 4 Jun 2012

Lisa gave you a great explanation of the long term effects. The only thing I would add is the effect of alcohol with the med and your liver. The rule of thumb is, with no present liver problems, a beer once in a while at home shouldn't kill you, but is not advised.
Sweet Hippie

Lisa01 4 Jun 2012

Thank you my friend. Good point about the alcohol, I didn't even think about that. I guess between the two of us great minds we'll get our point across! Thanks for looking out for me! :)

balbanese 3 Jun 2012

Of course it can, depending on how long, how much, prescribed or not, your age and general health, etc. Could impact liver function, addictive behaviors and many other things. Not clear as the question doesn't specify effects on what. Hope this helps.

Patiently Waiting 4 Jun 2012

Agree with all top posters.. taking these meds can also rot your teeth.. cause disruption in eating habits, some people behave differently (abusive or sleep a lot). Dependency being a huge factor as well like you cannot control the fact you NEED them once the pain is gone. These pills and other forms of narcotic all can impact badly and in good ways as well. The pills have a sole purpose.. to give those in chronic/ acute/surgical pain a better chance at living a normal, somewhat functioning life. There is no life long study that I'm aware of and no one accept the people making it and the users long term could honestly answer your question.

roxy080929x 13 Jul 2013

I definitely say it rots your teeth, my sister-in-law's was. free discount card

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