Have been taking for 12 years straight now for chronically bad knees( need replacement but have cardiomyopathy and doctors won't approve the surgery), and have gone blind. Eye doctor said the cataracts look like they were caused by chemicals(or drugs), however he wouldn't come out and actually say it was caused by the prednisone. Over the years all of my doctors have questioned me about why I'm taking this medication for so long.
I have tried stopping using this medication but the withdrawal symptoms were horrible. Since the blindness I've started to taper off of it, cut my dosage by half everyday. It's been three weeks of doing this so can I stop using it or cut down to a quarter of a pill ( they are twenty mil.) before I stop.
Also was this blindness caused by the medication, I see the side effects where blindness is one of them, along with heart attacks. My doctor tells me to keep taking them. Turns out my doctor is a drunk, but he's a very good businessman doesn't miss a trick.
Trust is gone and I'm looking for a new doctor, but was it likely the prednisone that caused it?