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What are the long-term side effects of Klonopin use besides dependance?

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suzanne66 25 Feb 2013

Benzodiazepines can affect memory, making it difficulty for patients to remember new information or recall stored information.

A serious long-term effect of benzodiazepines is depression. Personality changes such as aggression and irritability, emotional clouding, lethargy and sleep problems are also common.

The long-term effects of benzodiazepines can impair users' mobility. Users may have muscle weakness, which can affect how easily they move. Benzodiazepine users may also have a lack of coordination, causing them to fall easily.

Some benzodiazepine users may start feeling ill after long-term use of the drug or develop headaches.

Women who use benzodiazepines may have menstrual problems, such as bleeding in between periods or changes in menstrual flow. Both male and female users may have a decreased interest in sex. Some people may have trouble reaching an orgasm during intercourse.

Benzodiazepines can cause an increase in appetite and weight. Other long-term effects include nightmares and skin rashes.

ARTIST658 26 Feb 2013

Personally, I ran into 2 long-term side effects of this drug. First was depression, which occurred while I was still taking it - not just depression, but paralyzing I-can't-even-move-from-this-spot depression. It had built up in my system, given its long half-life, and resulted in near-catatonia.

Years later, once I got off the klonopin (which is a nightmare to detox from) - I've found I've suffered permanent short-term memory loss. To this day, over a decade after stopping, I have a great deal of trouble recalling recent events - anything in my short-term memory. It continues to interfere with my daily life. free discount card

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